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GAKO Deutschland GmbH

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About us

As a German company, gako is the inventor and manufacturer of the innovative unguator advanced mixing technology. The unguator technology is well-recognized as the original trademark of gako, offering accuracy, convenience, and reproducibility of the formulations for any compounding institution, globally – at GMP standards.

Following the remarkable triumph of the initial unguator device, gako has broadened its portfolio to provide unwavering support to pharmacists throughout the entire compounding process. With their adeptness in innovating a diverse assortment of tools and equipment, gako is committed to empowering pharmacists in every stage of the compounding process, spanning from formulation preparation to patient presentation.

Over the following decades, gako diligently expanded its global distribution network and fostered collaborations with various partners worldwide. Since 2020 gako has impressively introduced more than 20 novel equipment and packaging solutions to the market.


GAKO Deutschland GmbH
Am Steinernen Kreuz 24
96110 Scheßlitz

Phone: +49 89 1222 387200

Contact person:

Timo Normann
General Manager
Phone: +49 176 20400137

Products & Services

As an innovative company, gako designs equipment to empower pharmacists throughout all stages of the compounding process, ensuring reproducible compounding preparation that aligns with GMP standards. Additionally, the efficacy of their products has been verified through certificates, quality tests, and studies. In pursuit of this objective, gako offers a wide range of products, such as; 

  • Mixing devices
  • gako unguator PRO
  • gako unguator EMP
  • gako unguator BASIC
  • gako PM140
  • gako InvoMatic
  • gako WetMill

Blister equipment

  • gako BLIST-Rx
  • gako BLIST-Rx tray
  • gako BLIST-Rx holder
  • Ionizer for electrostatic-free powder handling
  • gako ION-e

Capsule calculation tool

  • gako MedCaps

Ready-to-use sterile dropper

  • gako Monodose

Suppository products

  • gako 3-in-1 Support Rack
  • gako Suppository Molds
  • gako suppository Sealing Tape
  • gako Suppository Pack

gako Fridges

  • gako UV-C Air Sterilizer

gako unguator PRO II - The “Great” – our Masterpiece

The gako unguator PRO is a fully-automated mortar and pestle system, achieving homogeneously mixed semi-solids, dispensed suspensions and suppository preparations, emulsification and jellification. By conducting the compounding process within a closed environment, and adhering to defined parameters, the gako unguator PRO ensures the reproducibility of compounding procedures, compliance with GMP, and minimization of cross-contamination risks.

gako PM140 - The next step in compounding mixing technology

The gako PM140 is a revolutionary device, that provides simple, fast and affordable solution by combining deaeration, mixing and melting into a single step to standardize the compounding process. With the ingenious mechanism carried out without mixing blades in a closed environment, it ensures the removal of the air entrapped inside the semi-solid preparations, providing dosage accuracy. Moreover, it is particularly suitable for compounding hazardous drugs, prioritizing the safety of pharmacist.

gako InvoMatic - Advanced 3-axis mixing technology for compounding

The gako InvoMatic is an automated mixing system developed to produce highly homogeneous mixtures at controlled time and speed. It works in a unique 3D-movement cycle, combining the principles of the oloid and inversion mixing and allowing a completely diffusive mix. It is equipped with a digital system that enables the pharmacist to choose the mixing cycles, creating multiple combinations to fit the formulation characteristics, achieving easy and efficient reproducibility.

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